What’s happening with fat poz blogs?

Jiji writes:

Well, I guess Notes from the Fatosphere is dead. Maybe it’s a positive for me as I’ve decided that all of this fat acceptance stuff is bad science. You see, I used to read Notes daily and it seemed like there were just so many resources saying that no matter what I try, I am not going to be able to change my body, not going to ever get the respect and acceptance that come with being thin. Now that Notes is gone, I can’t find any such resource. I’ve searched, but there just isn’t anything out there. This site, for instance, has been dormant for ages. So I’m giving the dieting thing another go and the more distance I put between myself and Notes from the Fatosphere, the more confidence I’ve built that I’m going to be able to do it this time! So, I guess, thanks!

This comment on an old post raises some points that are worth talking about. Firstly, to be honest, I don’t use Notes from the Fatosphere much (even though NftF carries Fatties United) because there’s just too much volume for me. So I don’t know why NftF isn’t working for Jiji. But I will say that fat positive blogging is not dead. Here are some of the fat poz blogs that I check regularly:

I’ve listed adipositivity even though it’s down because I know that Subtantia Jones is working to get it back up. And all of these, even adipositivity, have had recent activity. And Jiji is simply wrong to say that our site has been dormant for ages; our last post was 11 days ago. (And yes, we’d like it to be more active.)

But I agree that there aren’t enough fat positive blogs. Anyone who agrees, please start your own fat positive blog!

Regarding dieting, I think our views on that are pretty clear.

And finally, I wish Jiji well.

11 thoughts on “What’s happening with fat poz blogs?

  1. I have so many fat acceptance blogs on my reader that used to update at least once a week. (That used to be my criteria for adding a blog to my feed). But the only one that seems to update steadily is Dances With Fat. It’s sad. I wish they would come back.

    • Thanks for your comment, and for the blog recommendation. I also wish there were more out there. But blogs come and go, and while some have gone silent, I think that there are new ones out there to pick up the slack. Hopefully some other readers will weigh in with recommendations, as you did.

  2. As a fat activist whose blog has slowed right down of late, I’ll tell you what is happening with the blogs of the fatosphere… we’re tired. We’re sick of the same damn conversations (or demands more like it) over and over and over again. We’re sick of being fetishised by men who think we should be grateful for the attention. We’re sick of n00bs coming along every 5 minutes demanding we educate them. We’re sick of fighting for our own right to exist every second of every day. We’re tired of being out there on the front lines being torn down, bullied and stalked while others take protection behind us. We’re sick of thin people demanding we include them. We’re sick of someone ALWAYS coming along to tell us we’re not good enough. We’re sick of Redditors filling our comments with hate because Reddit won’t take online harassment and bullying seriously. We’re sick of being expected to leap like rent-an-activist every time there is a fat hating story in the media (every day). We’re sick of being expected to be available at all hours of the day and night and give our time for free like we should be grateful someone wants to ask us the SAME QUESTIONS over and over and over. We’re sick of nobody acknowledging that we have careers and families and responsibilities that we have to put first. We’re sick of never being able to kick back and have fun without putting fat activism first.

    We’re sick of not being able to live our lives like everyone else. Sometimes this shit just wears people out.

    • Fair enough–these are a lot of the same reasons I’ve decided to start dieting. I was recently passed over for a raise I believed I deserved (as evidenced by a glowing performance review!) and I’m sure my fatness was no small part of that. I’m also tired of fighting for my right to exist. I’m tired of being told I’m not good enough. I don’t think the movement is going to go anywhere in my lifetime. I’m the sole breadwinner for a family of four. So I’m going to have to change myself…

  3. Google took down the feature that allowed the Fatosphere updates to happen. Many of us notified readers of this. Perhaps this commenter missed that. The tech gurus are trying to get a feature going with automatic updates for the Fatosphere but having some technical difficulties with it. In the meantime, check the following site for blog updates from your favorite Fatosphere blogs:


    Note that you have to copy the link and put it in a new window to get the post. They are having problems getting the direct links to work just yet.

    I still publish my blog weekly (www.wellroundedmama.blogspot.com), although with life, work, and four children, there are occasionally times I miss a week. But most of the time I still update each week. And BTW, I have references on the top of my blog to back up the claims about the very poor long-term success rate of dieting, and The Fat Nutritionist has even more. This information is out there if you just know where to look for it (and are willing to do the legwork).

    This commenter is in charge of her own body; she can certainly try dieting yet again if she’d like. Maybe this time it will work long-term. But chances are it won’t, and chances are strong that she will rebound to a higher weight than she started. However, it’s always a person’s choice, so she can certainly give the dieting a shot if she wants. Maybe she’ll be the exception.

    Another choice is Health At Every Size (R), which allows you to focus on healthy behaviors and optimizing your health without making it about what the scale says or doesn’t say. But again, always each person’s choice.

    Most people on a fat-acceptance journey try dieting again at some point for one reason or another. They want to “just feel better” or “just get back to xxx pounds again” or “just look better” or “just move more easily.” Certainly understandable. And sometimes one last time does work. Alas, most of the time it doesn’t, and the long-term success rate remains pretty dismal. But dieting and the Hope of Thin is a very strong lure, and very hard to give up.

    • I’ve been practicing HAES for years and it has resulted in weight gain. To be honest, I am the sole breadwinner for a family of four including a disabled adult and a child with high medical needs. I was counting on a raise this year to get out of medical debt and firmly believe my weight had a lot to do with being passed over for it. Our taxes and health insurance also went up so we’re making less this year than last. You can call it the “hope of being thin,” but I believe that even if I ultimately re-gain the weight in three months, six months, a year, the career accomplishments I can make in that period of time are going to be worth it, even if it means sacrificing my health so they can eat, we can pay their medical bills, and we won’t lose our house.

  4. I think Fat activist have given up. Like size acceptance is the only movement for rights of individuals that hasn’t gone anywhere. Even as a woman of color, my community is on the “eradicate fat bodies” train and a lot of plus size activist in the black community have lost weight (Monique, Jennifer Hudson etc). I think many of them have just given up. It’s just not going anywhere. Fat acceptance just isn’t going to happen, anyitme soon in this generation. Especially with Michelle Obama and her lets move campaign and fight against fat bodies, fatness is still a very stigmatized and poorly viewed thing.

    I’ve mad blogs but deleted them because no one was interested, even some of the larger people on my tumblr page hate fat people and fat rights. It’s so defeating to me because I consider myself a activist for women of size, and women with curves, butts, boobs and hips. I don’t know what to do anymore, I feel defeated. I visted Naafa.org and they don’t even have anymore updates, I’m like, wow, what has happened? I wish other rights groups would involve our kind, but even they want no parts of us. It’s so defeating as a woman who’s struggled with bulimia since her teen years. I feel hopeless as fat bodies continue to decrease and move away from the public eye. Something needs to change and fast 😦

    • Thanks for your comment. I see what you’re saying, but there are still a lot of good organizations doing good work and a lot of fat positive tumblrs. The mainstream media are still anti-fat, but even there you sometimes see fat positive music videos, or defenders when fatties are attacked in the media.

      Re NAAFA, even though no one maintains the website regularly, they put out news releases and newsletters every month. Check out the latest newsletter here: http://www.naafaonline.com/newsletterstuff/oldnewsletterstuff/September%202013%20NAAFA%20Newsletter.html

      And you can click on the “Join Our Mailing List” button to keep getting the newsletters. (you’ll get one a month, plus some convention announcements during June and July; very low volume.)

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