Here’s a study where they

1.         Overfed some sheep for 3 or 4 months, making them fat

2.         Put some of the fat sheep on a diet shortly before getting all of the sheep pregnant

3.         Studied the fetuses and lambs.

Can you guess what they claim this research shows?

It supposedly shows us negative effects on a baby who has a naturally fat mother; and how even if the naturally fat mother loses weight before conception, there will still be negative effects on the baby being born to a woman who used to be fatter.

Never mind that none of the sheep were naturally fat; never mind that all but the control sheep underwent overfeeding for months before breeding; never mind that some of the sheep were put on diets shortly before breeding.  Never mind that overfeeding and/or underfeeding the sheep is going to create unnatural stresses on the sheep’s body.

The only thing they learned with this research is:  Don’t overfeed sheep shortly before breeding them or the lambs may have slightly wonky insulin signaling, even if you put your sheep on a diet shortly before breeding.

But their conclusion is

Our findings highlight the sensitivity of the epigenome to maternal nutrition around conception and the need for dietary interventions that maximize metabolic benefits and minimize metabolic costs for the next generation.

So according to these yahoos – if fat women insist on having babies, they still need to lose weight but the dietary intervention has to not fuck up her metabolism (which, of course, we know diets do) which might fuck up the baby’s metabolism (which, of course, nobody wants) – and, of course, nobody really knows how to do that, so in the meantime we’ll just fuck up some sheep and lamb metabolism for shits and giggles, because as long as we keep saying fat is bad somebody will pay us to do it.

And that’s how our fucked up society leads to some fucked up research.



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