Skepchick on Weight Stigma

    We’ve talked before in this space about skepticism, here and here. Fat activists need to be skeptics when it comes to media reports about the science of fatness as it relates to health. That sort of science requires statistics.

    But statistics aren’t needed to prove the existence of something; just some reliable, first-hand accounts. Case in point: A couple of months back, Skepchick, a blog that looks at the intersection of feminism and skepticism, had a post on weight stigma, mostly to show that it simply exists. (The skepticism in this case is toward the received wisdom that fatties arent stigmatized, or if they are that they deserve it.) It links to other blog posts, as well as studies, to prove its point. The post does good work by getting the idea of fat acceptance as a good thing into the minds of a new audience. It’s weird to me that people deny the existence of fat stigma, but hopefully that post and others posted during Weight Stigma Awareness Week (which I totally missed; sorry) will turn people around. (Usual cautions apply regarding the comments, although they seem less hateful than usual.)