Again with the Skepchick

As you’ll know if you read this blog regularly, I’m a fan of the idea of skepticism, of questioning received wisdom, and of applying scientific knowledge to social and political issues. Even so, the skeptical community can be cold towards the idea of fat acceptance. (I plan to address this when I blog about a couple of things I read in the latest issue of Skeptical Inquirer magazine.)

But the Skepchick blog is unusually friendly toward us fatties, as blogger Olivia shows in this post about whether exercise is the best medicine for everyone. (For example, I love walking, and I do it a fair bit as a result, but not everyone does, or can, or even should.) Olivia’s post is at times funny, empathetic toward others, and realistic about how good intentions often turn out.

Since it is New Year’s Day 2014 (or later) when most of you will be reading this, and since it’s the time for resolutions, I think it’s also time for an antidote of sorts to resolutions, especially the generic sort such as “exercise more”. Olivia’s post doesn’t address exercise as a New Year’s resolution, but I think the connection is that we should beware of making a resolution just because it is expected of us.

Oh yeah; here’s the post:


7 thoughts on “Again with the Skepchick

  1. I frequently hear “If you were more like me, then you’d be more like me.” The exercise prescription is one of those times. Yes, it has helped me when I’ve done it, but to make a real difference I had to devote an excessive amount of time. It’s -15 and -40 windchill today. No, I am not going out for a walk!

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