Here’s a study that tries to measure the effect of being fat (weight and waist circumference) on living to 85 with reasonable health.


They categorized the women into 5 groups, based on varying levels of chronic disease/illness and mobility disability, and concluded that being a fat old lady reduces your chances of having a certain level of quality of life by age 85.

Well, in the first place.  I thought us old fat folks were supposed to be long dead and gone by age 85!  So since enough of us are making it to that ripe old age to be studied, I say is a win!  Yay us and fuck the “you’re going to die young” doom and gloom sayers.

In the second place, by using type 2 diabetes as something that always reduces quality of life, you are stacking the deck against fat people.  Those with well managed diabetes can have quite a good quality of life.

And finally, mobility loss is going to affect more fatties, but there is a lot of difference between being too weak and sick to walk, and having bad knees (which nobody will fix for you because you’re fat) or a bad back and losing the ability to walk.  Loss of mobility can affect quality of life, but that effect is going to vary a lot.  For some fat people, being able to get around on a scooter is a big improvement – they can get out and about and enjoy life a lot more. 

And what really frosts my cupcakes is the conclusion:

Overall and abdominal obesity were important and potentially modifiable factors associated with dying or developing mobility disability and major chronic disease before 85 years of age in older women.

 And just how do you propose “potentially modifying” weight?  I guess nobody told you that there is no known way to achieve that for most people.  I guess nobody told you about the protective qualities of fact for the elderly. 

 And as if I’m not mad enough, an article on the study


suggests that Michelle Obama take on fat old people, since she’s doing such a swell job with fat kids.  No thank you.  After living a long life as a fat person in a fat-phobic society, I don’t think I’m up for another round of stigmatization and fat-bias courtesy of Mrs. Obama. 




  1. This seems like research done for purposes of anti-fat propaganda. I do not believe the odds ratios they give, BMIs described as overweight are really normal. When a very obese person’s muscles weaken due to old age, this may result in mobility problems. On the other hand obese people have stronger muscles and stronger bones (potentially less hip fractures), as well as better health outcomes with chronic diseases of aging. Better health outcomes translate to less disability. I find it despicable that a slew of obesity researchers continue to feed society “doctored” results on the harmful nature and high expense of obesity. It is also despicable that these goons will not get it through their heads that calorie restriction can only lead to weigh gain.

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