I could scream.

A study to validate a protocol meant to calculate population-level estimated energy requirements and physical activity is now being touted by its lead researcher (Edward Archer – zooming to the top of my “You’ve got to be kidding” list) as revealing that fat women get only 1 hour of “vigorous” exercise a year (fat men get 3.6 hours per year).


Archer’s comments include:

“They’re living their lives from one chair to another.”

“We didn’t realize we were that sedentary. There are some people who are vigorously active, but it’s offset by the huge number of individuals who are inactive.”

“… some are moving probably a fair amount. But the vast majority [of people] are not moving at all.”

“I think they’re living the typical life. They drive their children to school, they sit at a desk all day long, they may play some video games and they go to sleep.”

Biased, much?

The definition of “vigorous” exercise was very limited in the study. The researchers themselves admitted that the device used to track activity did not measure some beneficial activities swimming or biking very well.  Nor did the study take into consideration fitness levels.

As John Jakicic, chair of the department of health and physical activity at the University of Pittsburgh, points out, for some very obese people, for instance, just general walking could be considered vigorous.

Archer also says, “People don’t understand that [you] don’t have to go to the gym and lift weights and run marathons to have dramatic impacts on your body. Standing rather than sitting, walking rather than taking your car, they have huge impacts on your health over time.”

Of course, these are all activities that Archer’s own study would not be able to measure.  Hmmm.

Fuck you very much, Edward Archer.


3 thoughts on “MY FAT ASS IS BURNING MAD

  1. Wow. Just wow.
    At my most lethargic I still got a lot more than an hour a year of vigorous exercise. Seriously, I’ve never known anyone who wasn’t in a coma who moved that little in a year.

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