I just want to ask people to think before they say something (whether you think it is helpful or not) to anyone else about size and/or weight – how would you feel if someone said that to or in front of the fat people in your family, at your workplace, among your friends?

Given the statistics about how many people are fat, it is hard to believe that there is anyone who does not have at least one fat person in their life whom they care about, on some level.  Whether it’s the fat nurse who helped when you or your mom was sick; the fat checkout person who always asks how you’re doing, your fat aunt who always remembered your birthday, your fat grandma who gives the best hugs in the world, your fat uncle or grandpa who always had time for you, the fat person at work who is willing to help you when you’re overloaded, the fat sister or brother who stood up for you when somebody was picking on you – there is someone in your life who is fat and who you would hate to see hurt, treated unfairly, or disrespected.

So remember, that the fat kid you want to tease, the fat lady at the beach, the fat man at the restaurant – these are people, people who deserve kindness and respect, just like the fat people you know and care about.

Just saying.



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