Skepchick and Two Forms of Weight Stigma

I know I’ve been linking to Skepchick a lot. That’s because, when it comes to size acceptance, they are not preaching to the choir as I am, but rather bringing size acceptance to an audience that is less aware of it. Today’s post is about weight stigma conversations, and it’s by Olivia, who is not fat. She categorizes weight stigma in an interesting and new way. I’ve long felt that thin allies were welcome in a conversation on weight stigma (except see below), and I’ve known that thin people were also harmed by weight stigma, but I’ve never formally split this stigma into two categories before, and I’m finding it helpful.

I will say, though, that if there are two kings of weight stigma, and the conversation at hand is about the kind that only fat people experience (fatphobia), then it’s probably not the best idea for a thin person to insert her/his opinion on it, or to steer the discussion to body dissatisfaction.


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