What the fuck is wrong with these people?

The American Psychological Association has issued two “briefing sheets” advising its members how to treat fat patients – both young and old.


Both briefing sheets focus on intervention plans focusing on weight. Specifically weight loss, including weight loss surgery for adults.

Fuck you very much.

Nowhere do the briefing sheets recognize that THERE IS NO KNOWN WAY TO ACHIEVE SIGNIFICANT LONG TERM WEIGHT LOSS.

If someone goes to you for psychological help, why don’t you give them psychological help? God knows, fat people get enough judgment, hatred and prejudice from society. How do you think adding to that load is going to help?

Also, surprise, surprise. Fat people have more going on in their live than being fat. In fact, being fat does not define a fat person and their life. Fat people are not depressed because they are fat. They may be depressed by the way they are treated because they are fat, but the fat itself is not the issue, is it?

Personally, I was really lucky to find a psychiatrist who takes a weight-neutral view of my chronic depression. I once asked her why she never addressed the fact that I am fat and my mental health. She told me, “It never seemed to be an issue for you.”

She’s right. Being fat is not why I have this condition. I can’t tell you how good it was to hear that from a healthcare professional.

In my opinion the actions of the APA are merely a way for them to get on the fat-hatred gravy train. I understand that, but this is a group of people who are supposed to be focused on helping people when they are at their most vulnerable and truly need help. I am infuriated that an organization would look at this as an opportunity to kick someone when they are down – because after all, if you take an unhappy person and make them more unhappy, that just means more $$ in your pocket, right?

Well, I guess it’s good to have priorities. I just hope your patients, all of your patients, are aware of what those priorities are.



  1. Well, come of us ARE depressed because we are fat. I am not treated badly or discriminated against, but I can’t do the things I want to do because of my weight. And that’s depressing. When I was thinner a lot of these depressing issues disappeared for me. So, while I agree they shouldn’t assume everyone needs/wants to lose weight to ‘fix’ their issues, in some cases, the fat IS the problem.

    • It seems to me that your depression stems from unhappiness in being able to do things. I am sorry that your body does not allow you to do what you wish. However, since there is no known way to achieve significant long term weight loss most people, I hope whoever is helping you deal with your depression is helping you to find ways to enjoy and accept the body you have. Also (and I don’t know if this applies to you), sometimes we blame inability to do certain things on weight when actually it is (wholly or partly) due to aging. I know concerns about aging sometimes causes my depression to flare up.

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