Is there an existing organization, place, or group where fat people and those who support them can unite to improve the lives of fat people?

I envision a place where fat people are encouraged to live their best possible lives where and who they are now.

I envision a place where all fat people and all people who support the rights of fat people are welcome.

I think one of the main issues that divide the fat community is the issue of weight loss. Therefore, I envision a place that is free from any weight loss dialogue. There are already places where the pros and cons of this issue are discussed.

For example, I currently have 1500 followers on Pinterest. The vast majority of my Pinterest boards are related to (what I perceive to be positive) images of fat art. I love Pinterest. I love all the wonderful images I find there. I love all the size acceptance I see there. But I’m looking for something more.

I am asking that you share your thoughts on this, and provide me with any information on resources that are currently available.

Thank you.
This Fat Old Lady



  1. Are you looking for a virtual or a physical space?

    Either way, the closest things I can think of are things like this blog or Ragen Chastain’s Fit Fatties Forum, which is a safe place to talk about exercise and athletics in a body shame-free environment.

    I think a fully interactive online community that covers a wide variety of aspects of fat life in a similarly shame-free atmosphere would be an amazing resource. If you decide to start one, count me in to help out any way I can. I don’t know how to code and I don’t have any money, but I’d be happy to help moderate or spitball ideas, or whatever.

  2. I would also be interested in being part of such a community, Terri. I love your fat positive images on pinterest, but I agree we need more.

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