Two researchers (R.E. Brown and J.L. Kuk) looked at the issue of weight and health and concluded that

Therefore, an emphasis on maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes a high level of physical activity and physical fitness may be a more appropriate recommendation for some obese populations than just focusing on the goal of weight loss alone.

Holy crap.

Yes Virginia, the scientists think that having a healthy lifestyle, including physical activity and fitness may be better for you than focusing on weight loss alone.

I know this isn’t perfect – they do say “just focusing on the goal of weight loss alone;” meaning weight loss should be one of the goals for some fatties, but this seems to me like a big step in the right direction.

Their conclusion also acknowledges that weight loss is not beneficial for some sub-groups of fatties, and in some cases can even be detrimental.

They acknowledge a low success rate for weight loss, and that yo-yo dieting can have negative effects!

As well, due to the low success rate for obese adults attempting weight loss, it is questionable whether the benefits of weight loss outweigh the potential negative effects of weight cycling.

If nothing else, keep the chart in the middle of the article because it gives you a list of some of the pros and cons of being fat for different groups.

I found my Google Scholar search on the two researchers interesting. I didn’t delve, but it seems to me that in their research on conditions that are often associated with being fat, they found some surprises, and this article is the result of some of those surprises they encountered.

Excuse me. I now have to go find my fat ass. It got blown away, you know.



2 thoughts on “MY FAT ASS IS BLOWN AWAY

  1. Ever so slowly, empirical avoidance is starting to seep its way into research concerning weight… and even more slowly, it is starting to be disseminated to the general public.

    But you know what? I’ll take what I can get.

  2. I’ve concluded that fit and fat is the way to go. Not that I’m doing any exercise at present *ahem* but exercise builds muscle, which burns more calories, and it lowers glucose levels. When the “successful” research never yields more than 5-10 lbs of weight or even 10% over a year, and I’m 100% overweight, I just yawn at the skinny experts who know best.

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