Behind the Curve

I’m calling this post “Behind the Curve” to acknowledge how late I am with this post. There have been a few things I’ve wanted to say, but I haven’t had the passion to drop everything and say them here.

There’s another reason for the title: I want to talk about the recently completed Season 1 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, the reality TV show starring (and in this case, “starring” is accurate) Whitney Thore.

A bit over a year ago, Whitney Thore’s series of videos called A Fat Girl Dancing became a YouTube and Facebook sensation. I was skeptical at first because she came out of nowhere . . . actually, Greensboro, NC, but “nowhere” in that she wasn’t connected to any fat acceptance group. But I started following her on Facebook, and her posts were, and are, fat positive and inspiring with few exceptions. The one exception I can think of is that she has said she wanted to lose some weight to regain some mobility. I don’t have a problem with that statement in itself, although it could get problematic in the execution.

The TV show is a somewhat different animal. Whitney is the same person as on Facebook: fun loving, goofy, and fat positive. But the show gives a negative side not seen on Facebook. You can expect to see a long scene with Whitney crying in every episode. I do understand that the show has to provide drama and conflict, and I admit that there were scenes that I really liked, but overall this is not the show for me.

But please don’t interpret this as a criticism of Whitney herself. Whitney in the show is still someone to admire, but in the editing of the show, there’s more emphasis on stay-at-home millenial vs. parent, dating travails, flirting with The One Who Was Right In Front of You, visits to the doctor, harebrained schemes (I’m thinking of a trip to Kitty Hawk for a non-paying gig), and other stuff that I’m not interested in.

So hats off to Whitney, and good luck on her show (which is getting a Season 2).


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