Happy International No Diet Day! If you’re still a dieter, you can take this one day to stop dieting and focus on loving yourself. You can find a very short history of INDD here:

Enjoy your day, and if you like, let us know what you did.


4 thoughts on “INDD!

  1. It was a busy day, so I heated up a can of chunky vegetable beef soup for breakfast, ate it with a banana on the side, and grabbed a bowl of Raisin Bran for lunch. Yes, that’s “backwards,” but it suited my appetite that day. The soup satisfied my need for a protein-rich first meal (without it I get pounding headaches by noon) and a craving for carrots; the cereal was packed with chewy raisins and crunchy, satisfying flakes in whole milk. For dinner I made skillet sweet and sour chicken that sparkled with pineapple and multi-colored bell peppers and ate as much as I wanted. It was so good I had another helping instead of dessert (homemade brownies).

    Looking back, I appear to have been craving colored vegetables and fruit that day. Some days it’s dark green vegetables, some days protein and fat.

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