Penn, part 2

Today I watched the live broadcast of Penn’s Sunday School, with Penn Jillette and others. I mentioned in an earlier post that he lost a lot of weight, and has been talking about it. Well, I think I’m fed up with the diet talk. The last straw today was that he mentioned the Framingham study, and he framed it as, someone who knows the weight of your friends can accurately predict your weight. (Penn usually says that no one should rely on him for accurate scientific information, but saying that doesn’t always help.) He then went on to say that his and his cohosts’ weight loss is causing their friends to lose weight. A great example of confusing correlation with causation, and this from a skeptic.

He followed this up with some antifat talk directed to his cohost Matt, saying that he had appeared in Penn’s movie, Director’s Cut, as a “fat f***” and was cut out, and now will be in the movie again. Which was light hearted banter among friends I will admit, but after the other antifat stuff I had had it.

I feel like I’ve lost a friend to religion. Dieting is like a religion in that it requires faith to believe you can keep the weight off when the science shows that most people can’t. He’s still in the honeymoon phase of his diet, and ex-dieters who are reading this can relate, I’m sure. But this sort of thing isn’t fun for me to listen to.


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