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I just read this article on Yahoo:

“How to Talk to Your Kids About Weight – 6 Dos and Don’ts”

I have one suggestion – DON’T.

Read the article.

Every one of the suggestions is a good idea.  Focus on health, do not focus on weight or looks.

Except the way the article is written, you are being encouraged to LIE to your child.

Because all of these suggestions are supposed to disguise the fact that you are talking to your child about weight.

Fuck you.

Talk to your kid about health.  Talk to your kid about body-acceptance.  Talk about your kid about self-esteem and self-worth.

But do it from an honest place.

Don’t talk to your kid about all of these things because of their weight.  Kids are not stupid.  Kids will pick up the subtext of the conversation.  And if you are not honest with your kid, how do you expect your kid to be honest with you?

You know that people come in all sizes.  Let your kid know that too.  And then let your kid know that it’s okay for people to be different from each other.

Talk to your kid about health, and what a wonderful kid they are because you LOVE them.  That is how they learn that their worth is not a number on a scale.


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