Media and research items, week of 1/24/2016

To prime the pump for this new weekly (hopefully) feature, here are the news items from the week prior to the one that ends today. Enjoy! (or get angry, as appropriate)

January 24, 2016: Johnson & Johnson, Vitality Group, and some pharmaceutical companies are trying to use false data and shoddy studies to sell companies on a justification for even more job discrimination for fat people as a means to sell “wellness” programs.

January 24, 2016: Melissa A. Fabello and Linda Bacon thoroughly explain why concern-trolling fat people is not helpful and is essentially just another way to shame and perpetuate stereotypes about fat people.

January 28, 2016: A study of genetically identical mice and human twins finds that how a gene is expressed is related to whether a mouse or human twin is fat. Obese mice in the study have impaired expression of epigenetically regulated “imprinted” genes, which alter growth and body weight.


2 thoughts on “Media and research items, week of 1/24/2016

  1. Best of luck with your new publication and thanks for reposting my blog. Weight discrimination is bad enough without being an official corporate policy, which is what the J&J proposal would lead to.

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