Media and research, week of 2/7/2016

Here’s the latest batch of media and research items; we’re finally up to the current week! In the future, I will probably be posting these on the weekend following the week in question. (Some items predate this week because we didn’t see them before.)

November 1, 2015: A 67-year follow-up study finds no apparent association between childhood body weight and later morbidity from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

January 13, 2016: A study of undergraduate female students in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) finds that 44% are subjected to teasing and body shaming about their weight, and that those women are much more likely to develop eating disorder symptoms.

February 2016: Dr. Maria Paredes offers 10 guidelines for creating and maintaining a healthy and loving relationship with your body by treating that relationship just as you would your relationship with people you love and care about.

February 7, 2016: Novelist Sarai Walker talks about the difficulties of touring as a fat woman promoting her novel Dietland, which featuring a fat female character who learns to love her body without losing weight.

February 8, 2016: A video of the amazing Dana Falsetti, a fat yoga instructor, demonstrates that yoga is not just for thin people.

January 28, 2016: The reactions of young girls to the new “curvy” Barbie doll (giggling about how “fat” she is) show that we have a long way to go in instilling fat acceptance in our children.


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