Hot links, week of 2/14/2016

(I’m trying out a new title for this week’s media and research items. Some of the links are a week or so old, but they’re still relevant, and therefore “hot”, I think.)

February 2016: Two articles feature Dr. Linda Bacon as she discusses her own journey to body acceptance, and how HAES (Health At Every Size) principles can help repair one’s body image and relationship with food. Note: although the second article uses the ambiguous term “healthy weight”, it still advocates a HAES approach.

February 11, 2016: This article explains the recent study (see January 25 entry here) showing that weight loss does not prevent heart disease or prolong life in patients with type 2 diabetes, making some health researchers urge a rethinking of treatment guidelines.

February 12, 2016: Why rely on data from the CDC (second link below) that show that obesity rates in the United States leveling off when you can use self-reported data from a Gallup poll and non-science based statements to promote fat myths and phobia? The Gallup report concludes by pushing weight loss interventions, even though most of these have been shown to be ineffective.

February 13, 2016: Dr. Linda Bacon’s letter to the New York Times editor praises Sarai Walker’s essay “Yes, I’m Fat. It’s O.K. I Said It” (see February 7 entry here) and explains why it is important to remove the “fat is bad” filter when looking at data as well and treat all people, regardless of weight, with dignity and respect.

February 17, 2016: UCLA assistant professor A. Janet Tomiyama is featured as the Scientist of the Week by Laboratory Equipment and interviewed about her recent study (see February 4 entry here) on the inaccuracy of using body mass index (BMI) to measure health.

February 17, 2016: A 2014 article in Cancer Causes & Control, suggesting that there is no benefit to cancer survivors in being fat, is being retracted as large portions of its text were plagiarized from another paper by different authors.

February 19, 2016: Enjoy some of Substantia Jones’ latest beautiful photos for the Adipositivity Project depicting couples of varying races, sizes, and genders spending intimate time together in varying stages of undress. (Some bits are blurred, but these art photos may still not be safe for your work.)


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