About FU

The purpose of Fatties United is to provide a space for many voices in the size acceptance community to speak out.  We also will be a resource for information about online resources, research, and media for and about fat people and size acceptance.

6 thoughts on “About FU

  1. I agree. I’d also like to invite you to guest blog (or allow repost?) at my new blog fattitudes.wordpress.com

    I have some fat positive poetry I would love to allow you to cross post as well.

    In fat and happy solidarity

  2. Good morning,

    I am wanting honest opinions about an overhead support device
    I have developed. It would be very helpful for those who are very
    heavy AND have some kinds of standing &/or walking problems.
    For example, someone has an auto accident and damages one or
    both legs. If that person weighs, say, 400#, how does that person
    get to the toilet, shower, etc? My system will lift this person with a
    push of a finger, no backs necessary. And one will be supported
    with minor weight on legs and feet while walking on one’s own.
    You rightfully can respond to whomever you wish. If I am fortunate
    enough to hear from you, I will exchange ideas on this and other
    subjects. Sincerely, Don Dyson.

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