To those who read Notes from the Fatosphere

Here’s a message from the new admin of Notes from the Fatosphere, Ang x:

On 30th June, Google Reader will cease to exist. The Fatosphere feed has been moved to Feedly. Until the beginning of July, readers will be able to access NFTF via either Google Reader or Feedly, but from July 1st, you will need a Feedly account to continue to receive the feed.

All you need to do is go to, sign in with your google reader email and password, and follow the instructions to migrate your account from GR to Feedly.

If you don’t currently get the NFTF feed and want to do so, you can sign up for a new Feedly account. You will need either a gmail address, or a Google account for this. Then, once your account is set up, just type ‘notes from the fatosphere’ into the add content box and you’re done.


Update alert

Whaliam here. I just updated the theme of this blog, from grid to . . . I forget what the new one is called, but it looks somewhat like the old one. The problem with grid is that it didn’t show the author’s name. The new one does that, but is a bit less compact looking, and doesn’t show the blogroll. So I’m not sure that I’ll keep it. Any suggestions?